Dr. Lopamudra Priyadarshini

How to Turn the Lockdown Efficient

As I recently learned, staying up for days and missing sleep turns off the dopamine secretion and the result is no more happiness and the instinct of survival comes into play. With this instinct into action, we focus on utilizing anything and everything in a well-optimized and sustainable manner, in order to make it last.
Coming to the common reality, the world is suffering from the dreadful COVID-19 disease that has taken quite a toll on humanity. Locked down in houses, this viral disease has surely made a planet-sized dent on the world economy and the phenomenon called life. But if seen through the glasses of hope and positivity, this unfortunate disease has taught humans much more than what books, documentaries, and pleadings of different organizations did. Nature is blooming, the skies are blue again, the air is fresh, wildlife has made back to the cities, birds are singing in unison and what not. If that is not all, imagine the amount of pollution not being generated on a daily basis while cars, buses, trucks, trains, airplanes and all sorts of transport media have stopped moving. The world is resetting, slowing down the deterioration rate.
The lockdown has initiated the survival instinct amongst most of us. Wondering how? Compare your usage of resources in January and in the lockdown, you will find a drastic fall in a number of things. Much similar to what we may assume to be a battery saver mode, people are living on minimal resources to last longer. 
Now focusing on how to turn this lockdown efficient, the answer lies in sustainability. We need to work on the 3R’s of management to optimize the use of resources while they might not be available in abundance.
Reduce | Reuse | Recycle
It all begins with reducing the use of resources to an optimal level, where the wastage reaches zero. If there is no wastage, the resources will be used lesser in amount and more people would be able to get the essentials.
Reusing the resources wherever possible prevents wastage and controls hoarding of goods. For instance, people are reusing masks by washing and sanitizing them, so that more people can have access to masks during this pandemic.
Recycle whatever you can, be it food, supplies or goods that can be recycled easily and put to good use.
The 3R management not only saves on resources but saves money and time as well. Living on this model of sustainability will improve our way of living while serving our part to save the planet.
Remember, ‘The cost of living is not expensive, the lifestyle is.’ In the times of pandemic, where the resources are scarce, we need to keep a check on our usage, so that everybody gets the essentials. Similarly, create a rule to keep a check on neighbors, for if they are in need of any medical/ general assistance. Together, we can win and get over these hard times, all we need is to adapt sustainable means to function. Following simple protocols of social distancing, hygiene and staying inside will keep us safe from Corona, while sustainability will enable us to cope up with the repercussions of this pandemic. Let’s start right away.


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